Changes in Google

With Holiday season approaching, retail marketers are all buckled up for changes within the structural dynamics of Google.  They are already talking about changing trends in Omni-channel, mobile shopping, content marketing or may be social connections.

Biggest changes are due with the Google and not even through its hot favorite services like Android, Chrome or Google+ but actually through the basic utilities of Google used by marketers. Changes have been undergoing for some while and they are really “notion on the wall” coming into play this Holiday Season.

Penguin, Panda and Other changes

Google has really spun off several changes by vandalizing name of some innocent animals cutting down the hope of working out the algorithm of Google. It has made the shift from SEO to actual Content Marketing which must be the real task of retailers this holiday season with change of Algorithm eminent once again.

Integration of Content with SERP

Google was marked with its typical SERP composing of 10 blue links and few additional ads for personal revenue. Against a navigational notion of information, Google SERPs provide a chance to deep down into ocean of information to the queries made on the widest ranging topics from Global warming to Globalization and from Biotechnology to Traveling.

Retailers have a chance to present their targeted audience with SKU’s specific promotions. On a brighter note, such changes shall provide them with the chance of maintaining consistency, enhancing their exposure. It means ultimately feeding Google with more and more data which shall be rewarded in due course of time.

Product Listings Ads

E-commerce space have been severely hit by Google and necessarily replaced with product listing ads (PLAs) over the last year or so. It has really become more and more difficult to search out any retail related query without facing a great deal of already displayed paid real estate. No wonder such ads are clicked and converted into potential buyer more than the ordinary text based ads.

While it seems to be good feature of integration for retailers but it also requires a deep view and understanding the impact of audience being received by paid means and ads.

Campaigns through AdWords

Google really shook the retailers by altering the core and platform this year resulting in an outrage. In a nutshell, these changes made the retailers and marketers to spend more into the multiple fields rather than analyzing and choosing the field of hi choice.

This Holiday season also need an insight from Retailers about the kind of traffic they are receiving from the mobile users before getting on to any of the campaign this holiday season. This source of traffic i.e. Mobile is growing by leaps and bounds and the need to capitalize on this source is essential for any campaign. Only a positive response is going to help them build a suitable audience and compete on Google with rivals in the market.