Challenges to Online marketing

Most online business and marketing techniques are based upon what analytics have to show but the actual and successful techniques go way beyond them. The real outcome of any strategy must be to attract more and more traffic and in turn greater sales. An important decision like substituting internal staff, hiring a new SEO or to even invest more or less in SEO is decided on the bases of such analytics.

Actually these methods are flawed as more and more challenges are faced by modern SEO experts and their clients who want to go online popular with as much investment possible. Let us figure out those challenges before we are being

Challenge # 1 Digging deeper into analytic Data

Getting complete picture of what’s happening and what has to be done can’t just be achieved by glancing over simple analytics data. Mobile data has also to do with the overall traffic being received as their might be a case where you might not even be able to see the whole organic traffic that you are receiving.

In a nutshell, simply reviewing your analytics for the year can’t really be the measure of work you have been doing or the ultimate success being yielded because of those un-recorded traffic. Your course of action to get the full disclosure of traffic is by creating new dashboards into your analytics in order to calculate/estimate trends and statistics generated through your real organic traffic.

Challenge # 2 Changing SERPs

Once simplified SERPs have taken major changes with even Google putting its own products and sponsored ads above the organic search engine results making the competition even tougher for new sites or sites with less visibility. As much as drop to the # 3 spot for many businesses and sites have resulted into drastic drop of organic traffic.

Challenge # 3 Dynamics of your business and Google

Most of the marketers and especially their clients are looking to gain more and more traffic and in turn more sales but it is impossible without analyzing the effects and cause being stimulated by last year’s results and sales. Nothing is owned by you on Google or cyber space. Your ranking is always changes and so are the sales you make from it because there are certain factors affecting both Google’s Algorithm which affects your ranking and which in turn changes the sales you make. You must form a strategy which is target to increase or at least to maintain your spot on Google search engines. Keep the competition and its strategies a close look upon.


Challenge # 4 No Easy Solutions

Yeah! That is true. They might be effortless but they are equally less effective. The most drastic outcome that you would never want is getting banned by Google. To have the right combination of healthy SEO is to follow the guidelines asked by Google to be followed. They are both long lasting and ensure your even greater rewards with every fancy animal named update.