Bing tells the secret of not building Links

Senior product Manager, Duane Forrester, from MS Bing wrote few days back on Bing Webmaster Blog a blog post. In that post he said that you don’t want to build links for your site in order to get higher ranks. He was very clear when he gave 4 reasons for that.

  1. Blog/Forum Comments Bing is not very happy when you are dropping links of your site into different blog that you visit or simply make comments. Duane said that Bing make sure that none gets a higher rank by that at least.
  2. Guest Blogging Bing hasn’t categorically denied the fact that you are doing anything by doing Guest Blogging but they say that if you want to do this in order to get Links then please don’t do it.Duane said, “If you’re going to guest blog, best to do it with the intention to build your brand, drive traffic and create awareness. Doing it to bolster your SEO efforts is#FAIL these days.”
  3. Of course, Google said the same regarding guest blog linking.
    Blind Requests Duane made it simply clear that don’t junk out the mail blindly just in order to build links. Don’t buy out emailing lists and mail the hell out of your prospective webmasters asking them to build links for your site on their forums for you.
  4. Link Injection As we all know it’s rather unethical technique by which we hack into a website to post links of our website. Place of injection can be footer, header or even more pathetically within the content. With this said you really need to make sure that your CMS is secured and updated.