Bad reviews for YELP

Yelp is under continuous criticism from small business owners ever since it started 10 years back. But all that criticism got to a new height with local small business owners of Los Angeles gathering last week in town hall to get their concerns recorded on a collective whole. Even Los Angeles Times posted about it.

On the website it has been stated that social review website has tried to console the aggrieved its clients throughout the country with “Town Hall Meeting” and to detail out their strategy that might have been misunderstood by business community. Yelp is specifically targeting these meetings to negate the vibes that manipulation is done on behalf of website in order to gain higher reviews and sales for its advertiser. This gave a chance to the hurt party to burst out their part of annoyance.

As reported in LA Times, Q&A time of the meeting was especially an opportunity well availed by small business owners in order to hit hard upon the Yelp for not removing inflammatory remarks regarding their business and also about the “customers” that they actually never had were criticizing them with full zeal.

It is of no surprise that major chunk of critique carried to the site was about its “rigged” filter which was determined by various owners as the real cause of contention. Yelp was blamed for removing positive reviews about their business just because owners didn’t pay like advertisers and so they were penalized intentionally by Yelp and its filter.

Morgan Remmers, Yelp’s manager for local business Outreach, was able to defend all these claims to be not true and that “automatic and based on ‘several objective data points’ that aren’t tied to advertising” but even she was brave enough to admit that certainly there were occasions when a legitimate positive might fall a pray to the filter but even she was not able to explain about this “mis-calculation”

Just in case you weren’t able to catch up with town hall meeting, there is nothing to worry about it as Yelp has a direct contacting facility in order to get your grievances registered about the “flag problematic reviews” and filter reviews