Bad Link Building Practices.

Link Building is a practice to get quality refers (links) from authority websites to your website. All Search engine’s especially Google consider Back links as a vote from one website to another website, therefore Back links are very important factors while Search engine ranks a website against a specific keyword/key phrase.

So, we should build the links through natural ways instead of getting that spam links from low quality irrelevant websites. It may harm your website rankings as search engine hate those links which just created for the sake of promotion or to get back link for Better SERP.

Avoid bellow mention link Building techniques for better rankings:

1-     Getting links from low quality web directories.

Web directory submission is a very useful practice in link building if you are submitting your link in top quality web directories like and other authority web directories. Directory submission on low quality web directories may harm your link building practice or even may results in your website being penalized by search engines.

2-     Avoid submitting content for the sake of link promotion.

Now days it’s very common practice to write an article or press release and submit that in so many article submission websites. Search engines can easily identify junk articles written for the sake of link promotion and penalized the website. So, leave the link to your website in the signatures instead of article. Also never submit an article in more than 5 article submission website.

3-     Never buy Paid links.

If you’ll buy links from other website for the sake of promotion, Search engine’s can easily identify paid links and certainly put your website under some penalty in that case. So avoid this practice and get natural links.

4-     Don’t Put False Information

Never use false description in link submission. If you’ll do that, you are going to ask Google and other search engines to harm your website rankings.

These are few things’ which can really make a negative impact of your website to search engine.