Asking Questions doesn’t yield Penalty from Google

You might have considered that like a Kid you would be fined by Google for asking too much of boring questions. But Google has responded to this notion that they would be the responsible elder to answer all your question if asked through Fetch. So it means

You know that annoying kid who is constantly poking you on your back and asking the same annoying request over and over again? Well, Google said if you do that to them, at least via the Fetch as Google feature within Webmaster Tools, it won’t lead to a penalty.

A Google Webmaster Help thread has made you conscious of the fact that if you are working with the right tactics rather booting Google with stuff which was not to be found on fetch then surely you are not liable to any penalty by Google Google’s John Muller said in response, “there’s no penalty for using “Fetch as Google” frequently.”

The original question was posed as:

I am wondering if their is a penalty for using “Fetch as Google” too frequently. I have been using it a bunch, trying to tweak a page on my site to get it ranked better. At first it was very useful. Then, all of a sudden, it seemed like the more I used it the worse I was ranked. Can using this tool too much really hurt you?

John said no, but bad links and bad content can.

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