Anonymous Identifier by Google instead of Cookies

There is an impending worries lying ahead of online advertisers as Google considers revamping its strategy to track online users. As reported by USA Today, Google won’t be using traditional cookies to track users. Google is going to utilize anonymous identification otherwise known as “adID”.

Google would then be utilizing adID to ad networks and other advertisers that agree to play be their guidelines. With adID user privacy becomes important as the data collected shall be anonymous.

Cookies have “gone bad” with the passage of time with their method of tracking. Most of the users don’t like them for how the collect the information regarding their surfing on the internet. It is also result of the third party cookies that are used for tracking user behaviors and even for marketing purposes.

Even the adID doesn’t come without some raised eyebrows. Biggest concern being show is the fact that all the data would be controlled and owned by Google. Now that’s a lot of information and responsibility. It potentially provides Google with great deal of personal user data while the apologists for Google say that it is actually a great initiative. They claim that no website have gone to such lengths to secure the personalized data of its loyal user base.

Google denied any plans for an imminent change, according to a quote given to USA Today.

“Technological enhancements can improve users’ security while ensuring the web remains economically viable. We and others have a number of concepts in this area, but they’re all at very early stages,” Google spokesman Rob Shilkin said. He declined to comment further.

Any change made to the usage of tracking cookies would have a widespread impact on the entire online advertising industry, and it is definitely worth watching to see if Google does make moves toward this change.