Adsense experiencing best years

June this year, Google Adsense celebrated 10 years of its creation and at this time made their publishers to be polled asking them to tell the best year according to them regarding the performance of Adsense.

Publishers have complained a great deal with complaints that their earning has to drop with years passed. But with the poll conducted it was typically seen that most of the publishers have put the recent years as their most successful years of business and earning on Adsense.

2013 which is still on move and not came to an end is thought to be best in terms of business for majority of publishers. 2012 showed some drop as compared to its previous years of 2010, 2011 which were ultimately better then the years before.

adsense Adsense experiencing best years

Now one of the pressing points for the majority of publishers who said that Adsense is hitting new bottoms didn’t actually participate in the Poll otherwise the sky scrapers shown for year 2013 or 2011 and 2010 wouldn’t been part of the Poll conducted. But another point of understanding is such that in past time Adsense has generated much more for Google and it has also rolled out greater deal of Dollars to its publishers and users.


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