How and Why to Use OS/Browser reports by Google Analytics

Reports by Google Analytics contain a data that can serve various purposes. It can help you figure out the performance of your website on various mediums and parameters ranging from various browsers, screen sizes and even Operating Systems.

OS & Browser section actually consists of 6 sections and extra information can even be extracted by adding pr clicking on extra dimensions.

  • Screen Resolution
  • Flash Version
  • Screen Colors
  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • Extra: Java Support

Apparently all of they have simple action or usage but actual utility comes into play by the kind of use you make of them.

Here is to answer of WHY AND WHEN to use this data?

  • Layout decisions
  • Testing the “Freshness” of content and its utility
  • Utility of actually making use of software or devices
  • Making profile of users that can then be used to attract even more
  • Reporting issues being reviewed
  • Pin pointing the decrease in traffic
  • Observing the interaction between users
  • Gauging the forums for which apps can be made
  • Understanding the vitality of mobile users
  • Making sure that your developers still work on websites according for the older IE versions
  • Mapping out users who are not worthy and turning them into worthy
  • Comparing conversion rates
  • Testing new released software
  • Establishing a responsive design
  • Building a whole new site