3 Myths regarding SEO

Being an SEO can really be tricky because there are consistent Myths circling about your filed and busting of all them can make your own TV show like the popular “Myth Busters”. Your clients might come with their own pre opted conclusions and want to you to work upon them but you want them to tell that it is just a hoax and it never going to be helpful.

Anchor text optimization

After being hit with something as bizarre as Penguin 2.0, there is still a popular belief that if they can optimize their anchor text they can still boost up their rankings. Your prospective clients are sure that if every text is optimized for both onsite and offsite SEO then it can surely being home a greater ranking for the website but actually it doesn’t

Some even go to level of “diversifying” their anchor text creating a profile of anchor texts giving a delusion to the marketer that even a greater traffic can be extracted by such a profile. Example of such a profile can be like for anchor text “Cheap cars”

  • Cheap cars
  • Best cheap cares
  • Best cheap car deals
  • Car cheap
  • New Cheap cars

But it doesn’t let go of the risk attached with this tactic. It is because the 2nd version of that cute Antarctica animal was actually made to target over emphasized anchor text. The greater concentration of “optimized” anchor text, the greater singles are to be sent to Google to terming your page as Spam.

SEO pic 3 Myths regarding SEO

Do whatever you want to

Now a common belief among most businesses is that SEO is something where you can do all kind of viral and spamming activity to get your website or business in top slot of Google. But it surely is not feasible for your own website in a longer run because as early as Google is going to know about your “valuable” work, they are going to thrash you to horrible ranks or might even ban you.

What you can do is the real and professional by following the guidelines provided by Google like

  • Social signals
  • Back links
  • Onsite SEO

“Top rank is only matter of few weeks”

If you have spent some time in SEO field then there is one question that never gets old and that is “How many weeks are required for reaching the top slot?” One thing must be clear in the heads of even those who hear the name of SEO for the first time that it is not something that can be done in weeks or limited time. SEO is time consuming and requires patience. I wish it worked like a magic wand of harry potter or pretty fairy but unfortunately it doesn’t.

All those who want to acquire SEO services must remember this quote that “Slow and steady wins the race” because this is the mantra of SEO and we have to abide by it.